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Counselling supervision

Counselling supervision in London and Leeds


The setting and experience I aim to offer for clinical supervision means a supervisee can attend individually or with a group of up to three. Mainly my experience is supervising supervisees from trainee practitioners in the early stages of beginning a placement through to those who are well established in private practice or working in an organisation.

My role as a counselling supervisor

In some ways my role as counselling supervisor mirrors that of (my role as) therapist in that I tailor supervision to suit the stage of your training, practice and development as practitioner. My modality as therapist and supervisor is integrative combining psychodynamic, person centred, existentialism and CBT. I supervise from one or more of the approaches according to your own modality and what you need.

Our supervision work to help you grow

My aim is to create with supervisees a safe and reflective space for bringing yourself both professionally and personally, thus allowing space for the human in the therapist. Over the course of our work the clinical aspects of your work will be given focus and treated with care, and we can utilise opportunities to learn as you grow, and practice as practitioner.

I am a big fan of Casement's (2010) ideas of ‘the internal supervisor’ as I believe while engaging with supervision as a way to support and look after one’s clinical work, that developing an internal supervisor builds confidence in one’s self and their practice.

In the way I practice the different strands of the supervisor/supervisee relationship, such as clinical work and ethics, the profession are held alongside the importance of developing your way and style of being a counsellor/therapist. Also your wellbeing, fears and hopes.

Supervision for coaches

I am in the process of expanding my service to supervising coaches looking to develop and strengthen their coaching framework and practice. For yourself this might involve focusing on boundaries or the coaching relationship. Please contact me to find out more. 

If you are a qualified or trainee counsellor requiring clinical supervision in London or Leeds, or for more information then please email or call me on 07795 253457.

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