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Online and Phone counselling

What is online and phone counselling and how do they work?

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Confucius

Online counselling

Online counselling involves clients’ and I meeting face to face via Skype or FaceTime. As long as you have access to a computer, laptop or tablet this method of meeting is very easy and very convenient. My experience of working in this way means I will be able to help you make online counselling work for you and your needs.

Counselling via Skype or FaceTime enables you to benefit from counselling, if for a number of reasons you cannot attend in person. For instance if you have to travel for business or personal reasons, live or have to move a distance, or due to other life situations that make attending in person not practical then online counselling offers the next best 'face to face' alternative, and may be an ideal solution for you.

Most people are suitable for online counselling, however as with any other methods of counselling there would be an initial assessment and in this appointment you and I would discuss how this method could work best for you and what it entails.

Online counselling is safe and your confidentiality will be upheld working in this way as it would be if we were meeting in person. I work from the same private and confidential space I meet with all my clients. At your end for this method of meeting to work for you, you will need a space for at least 50 minutes once weekly that is private and where you will be uninterrupted. My attitude as counsellor is to be approachable, personable yet professional. If you are interested in this method of meeting for your counselling in the first instance contact me by email or calling me on 07795 25347. I will talk you through what to expect (including practicalities such as fees and methods of payment), how we will work and I will also help you in settling in to the work.

Phone counselling

Phone counselling is similar to online counselling (see above), in that the framework of our meeting is the same, we will meet on a regular basis of once weekly and your appointment will last for 50 minutes. Working in this way also includes benefits such as maintaining your regular appointments if or when you are unable to attend in person.

I am trained and experienced in working over the phone with people seeking help. My experience of working in this way for a number of years means you can trust that I will be able to help you, and that the work you are doing will be confidential, valuable and moving in the right direction for you.

If you would like to find out more you are welcome to email me or call me on 07795 253457. I deal with many enquiries and your enquiry does not obligate you to work with me or in this way, however it can serve to inform you and help you to make the right choice about the process of counselling, and which options and method that will be most suitable for you.

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