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Life, work, relationship coaching

Life, work, and relationship coaching in London and Leeds

Whether you want to focus on life, work or relationship coaching, my training and experience will help you improve, achieve and make the most out of life. You may be looking to make changes but are not sure where to begin, how to attain the goals you set for yourself and develop your potential. It is during times like these that clients reach out and work with a qualified, experienced and dedicated coach like myself, who can help them identify and move from stage to stage. Also to make sense and decide what it means and looks like for you to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. 

The way we work will be grounded and realistic using approaches and techniques from coaching theories, CBT and existentialism. Involving key principles such as choice and decisions, facing fears and courage, uncertainty and living, with a view for coaching to help you experience what it is like to have more self agency and fulfilment.    

Life coaching

If life generally feels unsatisfactory, then life coaching can help you identify, set and work towards making changes. This might involve personal development, learning to set realistic and achievable goals or working towards something specific. We would focus on where you currently are in your life, with a view of where you want to get to in the short, medium and longer term. 

Work coaching

How do you see your work? Whether you see your work as career, vocation, aspiration or identity, work and career coaching can help you overcome obstacles that are holding you back from being productive and achieving your best. Whether your run your own business, are employed as part of a team or looking to change your career, work coaching with me will help you find tangible steps. Strengthening and transforming your work from something you feel stuck in, frustrated or held back by to something that is more enjoyable, fulfilling, and where you feel more sense of personal and professional agency.     

Relationship coaching

Clients contact for relationship coaching either when single and are looking to be in a relationship. Or when in a relationship to evaluate and develop a more successful relationship. Combining my specialist training and experience from couples counselling and therapy, I bring to relationship coaching understanding of the difficulties and desires people have about relationships. For some people this might be developing more confidence, emotional intelligence, or navigating the online dating world. For others it may be working through compatibility issues, sexual issues, through to maintaining excitement and passion in your relationship.

My coaching approach

As a qualified London and Leeds coach (diploma in therapeutic coaching), and a member of the BACP coaching division, my model of coaching has its foundation in my core training and experience as a psychotherapist (BSc qualified in integrative counselling).


Combining key elements and benefits of coaching, counselling and therapy to develop a collaborative therapeutic coaching style, you and your goals are the focus of our coaching work which is aimed at helping you achieve real life results.


My coaching clients tend to view me as a counsellor-coach or a therapist who coaches. This for me means providing conditions that facilitate identifying clear and specific goals and changes clients want to make as well as helping to overcome obstacles along the way.

Working together to achieve your goals

You and I would work in a collaborative way to help you achieve your goals. I am interested in the individual’s human experience and identifying your internal and external resources to help you achieve your potential. Although there is space and time for self reflective and depth work, there is however less focus on that emphasis than in therapy or counselling. This is to allow more focus on the goals and outcomes agreed during the early phase of working.

Frequency and length (60 or 90 minutes) of your appointments will depend on your particular situation which we can discuss.

For more information on coaching in London or Leeds, or to start working on your goals then please email or call 07795 253457.

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